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Why report your debt with Corner Financial

Secure Collections

All debt collection information submitted is encrypted and secure with dservices.com. We maintain the highest data reporting security and transmission, and always ensure of the quality of data reporting.
No Contract and No Contingency
You only pay a one-time reporting and never have to pay a cent more. There are no hidden and no membership fees whatsoever.

Direct Contact

All monies owed are paid and/or set directly to you.

Phone Call

We will contact your debtors to inform them of their debt obligations. If you need a more tailored and/or aggressive collection service, contact us immediately

Very Important

Please read the following Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy 

For Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com. Debt collection (whether actively contacting a debtor or reporting delinquencies) is a serious endeavor. Mistakenly, carelessly, negligently, wrongfully, and/or intentionally attempting to collect, collecting, or reporting a debt that is not valid or recognized under the law can carry serious legal penalties. Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com may not be used to harass, threaten, or frighten people.

It is your responsibility to confirm that the debt is valid and is recognized under the law before proceeding. Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com must rely upon the accuracy and validity of the information you provide. Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com cannot provide legal advice. Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com does not offer refunds or resends for letters sent with bad or undeliverable mailing addresses. Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com cannot, and does not evaluate or investigate the information you provide to determine whether a debt is valid and recognized under the law. Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com reserves the right to decline services regarding any debt it deems inappropriate, inaccurate, and invalid. If you have any questions regarding the accuracy or validity of a debt you are seeking to collect or report, you should immediately consult an attorney.

Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com may not be used in conjunction with any legal action. This means if any legal action is currently pending or unresolved, the account may not be placed with Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com until the pending or unresolved legal action is adjudicated. If the account is already with Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com and legal action arises, the account must be immediately closed with Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com. If Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com learns of a violation of these terms, Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com has the right to close the account immediately without notice to you.

Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com reserves the right to close any account and cease any collection efforts, temporarily or permanently, without prior notice to the creditor, if it is determined that a viable threat of litigation or actual litigation is contemplated by a debtor or third party such as local, state or federal authorities. No refund will be offered for an account closed by Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com. Collection activity includes but is not limited to: collection letters, bureau reporting, call center, inbound collection calls from the debtor, and any activity notes in the debtor history indicating collection has begun on the account, and Small Claims Court. (Offered only in the State of Florida). If an account is closed prior to all collection activities having been completed, no refund in whole or part will be provided. All Accounts must be prepaid, there are ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS.

All collection activities are provided directly by Corner Financial.

In the event that you receive a notice that a debt is disputed, you are required to immediately notify Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com If Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com receives notice that a debt is disputed, notification of the dispute will be forwarded to you and to any credit bureaus to which Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com has reported the debt. Upon receipt of a notice of disputed account from Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com you will be asked to provide substantiation of the debt within five (5) business days. In the event reasonable substantiation is not received in a timely manner the account will be closed and, if applicable, reported to the appropriate credit bureaus. No refund will be provided for an account or debt when an account has been closed due to lack of proof of debt in a timely manner.

In the event that you receive a notice that a debt is now in bankruptcy, you are required to immediately notify c. Any debt included in bankruptcy will be closed by Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com. Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com does not collect or manage accounts included in a bankruptcy filing. The account will be reopened, free of charge if Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com is notified the debtor(s) are dismissed. If the debt is discharged it is no longer collectable. Should you have any questions regarding the bankruptcy filing of your debtor, please contact an attorney.

In the event a debt is reported to one or more credit bureaus, the following additional conditions apply:

Your debt may remain on the debtor’s credit report for as long as seven (7) years – possibly longer if it is a judgment. This may negatively impact the debtor’s ability to arrange for credit and obtain employment in the future. If the debtor files a formal dispute with a credit bureau or with Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com, the status of the debt will be reflected as “disputed”. You are retaining Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com to exclusive manage and assign this debt to a collection agency as it sees fit and will not assign, refer, sell, or in any way transfer the rights to collect this debt to any other collection agency, attorney, law firm, or other entity or individual without first canceling your agreement with Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com. Exclusivity is to prevent the same debt from being reported against the same debtor at the same time by more than one collection agency. You may cancel the agreement with Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com at any time.

By using this site, you acknowledge and agree that you are providing accurate information about a valid debt recognized under the law, and will indemnify, defend and hold harmless Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com in connection with any claim or proceeding arising or relating from the information you provide. Additionally, in the event any litigation arises from or is a result of the use of this website, the creditor will indemnify, defend and hold harmless Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com and its affiliates, divisions, subsidiaries, officers and employees. This shall include, but not be limited to, litigation or threats of litigation arising from claims made by debtors and/or local, state or federal authorities regarding misinformation provided by creditors, collection agency licensing regulations, debtor claims of offset against creditors and inaccurate or fraudulent information provided by creditors, intentionally or not intentionally.

In the event the flat fee collection methods offered through the Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com website do not resolve the account(s) satisfactorily, you have the option of placing the debt on a contingency fee basis for another arranged fee. By registering with Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com you agree to receive email communications regarding our services. Email communications for receipts, transactions, debtor disputes, credit bureau reporting, account aging, and other matters relating to accounts placed with Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com cannot be opted out as they are essential to the debt collection process. Dservices.cornerfinancialfl.com does not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent.


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